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Thoughts and musings from the team at Heirloom with tips and advice about tapestries


Where Should I Hang My Wall Tapestry?

In our last blog, we went over how to hang your wall tapestry. However, we may have gotten ahead of ourselves; after all, before you actually hang your tapestry, you have to decide where you want to hang it. For some, it will be immediately obvious where you want to hang your custom tapestry from Heirloom Tapestries; you may even have already had a location chosen in your mind when you commissioned your custom piece.

However, even if you know where you initially thought you wanted to hang your tapestry, you might go to hang it and find that it is actually not going to work! Whether you commissioned a custom tapestry or selected an already-made tapestry from our cornucopia of beautiful woven wall art...

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How Tapestries Were Made in Medieval Times

At Heirloom Tapestries, we offer a variety of medieval-inspired, handwoven tapestries for your home. Though our tapestries are still handwoven by skilled artisans and many designed to replicate Medieval tapestries, the process for making them is different than it was back then. One of the best parts of the beautiful artistry of tapestries is the colorful and fascinating history behind them. Therefore, in this blog, we will go over how tapestries were made in Medieval times.

Though the word “tapestry” now describes a variety of textiles, historically, it refers to a specific type of weft-faced textile that is handwoven on a loom. In Europe, the loom is composed of two rollers, between which there are plain warp threads. In the large tapestry factories of France and what is now known as Belgium, these warps were made of wool. In Germany...

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